Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What I'm into right now.

Well, I just managed to load all my purchased song onto my computer from my iPod, so I now have a lot of tasty new old songs! Here's some stuff I'm really liking right now.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
I had forgotten I even owned this album, and in fact I'm not even sure if I ever listened to it. It was one of those things I acquired from my brother, that I never really got into at the time. I haven't really listened to this all together, but nevertheless it's an outstanding album. Notable songs include "Will You Smile Again For Me," "A Classic Art Showcase," "The Rest Will Follow," and "The Summer of '91." Oh, hell, the whole damn album is great. I'm not really sure how to describe this band... you're just going to have to listen to it.

AFI - Decemberunderground
I was given this by my ex who was obsessed with AFI. Until recently it has gone by severely underappreciated by me. But this is an amazing work or art by a band I've always counted on to have poetic lyrics and great music. This is no disappointment, in fact it's the best I've heard from them. Especially check out "The Interview," "Love Like Winter," "The Missing Frame," and "37 MM."

Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
If there was ever a perfect album, this may well be it. The lyrics are out of this world, and though the songs are mostly the depressing, emotional stuff you'd expect for Brand New, I can still listen to this any time in any mood and I will be in awe. Faves: "Jesus," "Limousine (MS Rebridge)," and "The Archers Bows have Broken."

Breaking Benjamin - Phobia
I like Breaking Benjamin. This newest is not particularly different than the other albums, but it's still quite good. Listen to "Evil Angel" and "Topless."

Coldplay - Parachutes
I must admit, I just got this off a friend. My other friend who is a huge Coldplay fan kept telling me how their early stuff was their best, and I finally figured out he was right. Best tracks: "Shiver," "Sparks," and "Trouble."

Cursive - The Ugly Organ
The best band with a cellist I've ever heard. Enough said. Check out "Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand," "Art is Hard," and "Driftwood: A Fairy Tale."

Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
Okay, so I've only heard a few songs from this, but it's extremely promising. "Hum Hallelujah" and "Thriller" might just give you an idea of what I mean.

Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank The Cradle
Iron & Wine is AMAZING. I never thought I would listen to something you could probably call folk, but there you go. Best tracks: "Lion's Mane," "Bird Stealing Bread," "Upward Over the Mountain," and "Weary Memory."

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope
My boyfriend introduced me to Regina Spektor, and now I am absolutely in love with her music. She's a Russian singer-songwriter who plays piano, and her songs are extremely personal. All I can say is WOW. My faves are "Better," "Samson," "Fidelity," and "Apres Moi." I also have Eleven Eleven but haven't listened to all of it, and Soviet Kitsch wouldn't work on my comp unfortunately.

Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
Just... wow. So sarcastic and just... awesome. You have to kind of get used to Max Bemis' voice, but once you do, you can't stop listening. I play the entire CD on repeat.

And a band in general: Our Lady Peace. I've loved Gravity for a while, and I recently got Spiritual Machines, Happiness Is Not a Fish You Can Catch, and Clumsy from my friend. And it is fantastic.