Friday, April 4, 2008

Dan in Real Life

Okay, not only can I not remember who I watched this with in theatres originally, but it seems I did not even blog about it before! I swear, I saw it in theatres.... anyway, watched it tonight with Mom because it was on Netflix. It is quite awkward, and quite sweet, with touching moments, painful moments, and funny moments. It is a very real movie, that's for sure.
Grade: B

Last 3 Views: Enchanted; Dil Se..; Chaos


A cute new Disney movie. The first song includes a hilarious line: "lips are the only things that touch." Of course when the princess goes into the real world (a new twist for Disney!) she is seen as naive. But then the guy believes in the power of a kiss. It's pretty conservative-themed, but sweet, and Patrick Dempsey looks good in tall boots.
Grade: B-

Dil Se..

This is the first Bollywood movie I've seen. It has the song Chaiyya Chaiyya which is an excellent song. Also Dil Se Re and Jijya Jale. But probably the best song in it is Satrangi Re. The visual metaphors... oh my. The video there has translations of the lyrics... awesome. This is an extremely beautiful, moving, and disturbing movie. The ending - I can't believe that actually happened. Anyway, great, but sad.
Grade: A


A Jason Statham movie. Not as entertaining as Crank, plus I fell asleep in the middle. Lots of twists, but I guess most of them were somewhat unnecessary or just misleading because I still understood the end. It was alright.
Grade: B-