Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's still 2007...

...so I still have time to finish this list!

61. Escape The Fate - Ok, this one's easy, I've heard them before! I have "Situations" and "Not Good Enough For Truth in the Cliche." I was obsessed with both of them for a good while, and amazingly still like them. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

62. Oh No! Oh My! - I heard "The Party Punch" and it was catchy and bouncy and indie. I like it. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

63. Between the Trees - Listened to "As You Are Reality...", it's interesting electronica, though sort of just reminds me of all the Christian rock I used to listen to. VERDICT: Thumbs up.

64. Moros Eros - Heard "Today Is The Day" and noticed the singer's voice, and sort of the song, is somewhat monotonous. Not my cup of tea, really. VERDICT: Eh, shrug.

65. Sick City - I liked the sound of "XX XY" from the beginning. It is not particularly a new sound, or original, but it is still pleasing to the ears. VERDICT: Thumbs up.

66. Tokyo Police Club - The name of this band sounds quite familiar. Anyway, heard "Nature of the Experiment" and really liked it. Reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes. Good stuff! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

67. Every Move a Picture - I have "Signs of Life," and like it a lot. Also listened to "Outlaw," and it was quite aurally pleasing. Similar to the Killers, the Bravery, but they have their own sound. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

68. Cute Is What We Aim For - Another one I've heard of! I have "There's A Class For This," and I like it but it is sort of blending in my memory with all the other similar-sounding pop-punk... VERDICT: Thumbs up.

69. Everybody Else - Wow, I've heard of them too! I downloaded "Born To Do" a while ago for whatever reason. I really like it. I'd say this is definitely a band to check out, and watch out for. Because they're awesome. Listened to "Meat Market" on Myspace, still hugely impressed. Running over to Hype Machine immediately. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

70. Gallows - Alas, I had to look them up, my expertise has ended. Listened to "Abandoned Ship." It's punk, bordering on Screamo/Hardcore. Urgh. Verdict: Thumbs down.

71. Uncut - Mmkay, heard "Hideaway" on myspace... like it, but not blown away or anything. VERDICT: Thumbs up.

72. Hot Chip - I thought I knew them but I must have been confused. Listened to "My Piano" and liked it. I dunno how to describe the genre, I'd say... cool. VERDICT: Thumbs up.

73. Mikoto - It's a hardcore band. Damn you, hardcore! And damn you Mikoto for being somehow catchy hardcore! Verdict: Thumbs only half down.

74. Jonezetta - Ooh, I had forgotten about Jonezetta! I heard them on XM a while back and loved them. I think it was "Hot Machete" that I really liked. Listened to "Imagination", it was awesome! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

75. The Horrors - Hmm, I am not such a fan of punk... but it is not bad. VERDICT: Eh?

76. Band of Horses - Weird, I found two songs by them on my iTunes that had never been listened to. Also the genre is Children's Music? Listened to "The End's Not Near" and it was chill and good-sounding. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

77. The Devil Wears Prada - Oh dear. More thrashy hardcore. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

78. Shitdisco - I like the name! Heard "Reactor Party," it's catchy and very much Scottish. :D VERDICT: Thumbs up!

79. Bound Stems - Listened to "Refuse the Refuse," and agreed with AP that it has similarities with Modest Mouse, and also liked it a lot! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

80. Hot Like (A) Robot - They don't actually have their own myspace page, so I perused some fan-run ones, and heard all I needed - it was not pleasant. VERDICT: Thumbs down.