Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Views: Fool's Gold; Dead Man

Fool's Gold

Saw this in the theater with my mom on Saturday. Of course, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are extremely attractive people, so that does not hurt this romantic comedy. It is funny and endearing, sweet and a bit quirky. I swear it must be based on a Carl Hiaasen or Tim Dorsey novel... the plot is similar. It's about treasure, and love of course. If you want a movie with some action and some lovin', this is a good bet.

Grade: B+

Dead Man

This was Johnny Depp's first major role, in 1995. It's in black and white, and is incredibly artsy and slow-paced. However, this is not a bad thing - it's an excellent film. It's funny in parts, profound in others. Heavy on the symbolism, you need to watch carefully. I saw it Friday night with some Spanish house people in a room that is supposed to be haunted by a guy who committed suicide there. No sign of that, though; just a great movie.

Grade: A

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mae, with Tokyo

Originally uploaded by amber in norfolk

Went to the Mae concert at the UC Chesapeake last night. This is a photo of them at the Norva, taken by some other lovely photographer. Anyway, the opening act was Tokyo, who was pretty good. Mae was excellent, but only played for about an hour. At the door, tickets were $6 for students, so what can you expect I guess. They played bunches of songs I don't know, but also all the songs by them I do know. Good times. Alex Douglas came with me, we did not stand too close which I think is good because I probably got less hearing damage. I got some, but not too bad. There was some crowd surfing, actually, and one girl got dropped. Crowd surfing is such a bad idea! Anyway, if you dig Mae or similar sounds you should check them out in concert. Plus they're from Norfolk! So they play at the Norva a lot.

Grade: A-

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sex Workers' Art Show

This was clever, funny, entertaining, and intellectually stimulating. Probably not things you'd expect from all the media attention about it (check out this frustrating and uninformed article!). In reality, this was not a sex show, and in no way glorified the sex industry. The purpose of the show was to humanize sex workers, to emphasize that what they do is just that, work. And to bring to our attention the American public's tendency to dehumanize whatever it consumes, or in a sense to pretend it comes just like that naturally. I would describe the show as more like a comedy tour, which happened to have a little stripping and dancing (don't worry! nearly no 'real' nudity, pasties included!). One thing that was interesting is that they did not allow a merchandise table. What? Also, one professor actually thinks watching it will cause us to rape everybody! Hooray! I especially liked Erin Markey's performance. That woman has pole dancing strength! And amazing songwriting skills.

Grade: A!


Anthony Hopkins is creepy here. The 'twists' are pretty damn predictable. It's slow. I enjoyed the cinematography... it was pretty. But all in all, not so great.

Grade: C