Saturday, May 12, 2007

not getting back to the list yet...

I feel like I should finish that list but at the moment I am going to fawn over things I'm loving at the moment.

-"Must Be the Moon" by !!! - a great, catchy song.
-Imogen Heap - she's an awesome singer-songwriter, I just love her.
-Brandi Carlile - Another great singer-songwriter, has a new album out now!
-Bjork - what I've heard of Volta is amazing.
-Noisettes - super dancy and catchy, and amazing.
-Arctic Monkeys - they're just amazing.
-"Tonight" by Kate Walsh - I got it free off of iTunes, and I think I've found a new great singer-songwriter.
-Interpol - Zach gave me Antics, and WOW it is good.

Last but not least, Pandora online radio. It KNOWS me SO WELL!!!

I think I should sleep now.