Sunday, January 27, 2008

Latest Views: King Lines; Alphaville; 27 Dresses

King Lines

This is a fantastic documentary about Chris Sharma, one of the greats of today's rock climbing world. It shows some exotic bouldering, deep-water soloing, and lead climbing (including his famous first ascent of Realization. Sharma is not only an amazing climber; he is also shockingly humble and has a very admirable philosophy. This documentary is exciting and interesting, I'd recommend it if you are at all interested in climbing.

Grade: B+


A French sci-fi/film noir that is apparently 'very French.' Does this mean wholly indecipherable? Possibly, since it is that. I have heard that to understand this film is to understand director Jean-Luc Godard. Clearly I do not have a grasp on Godard. It feels a bit like 1984 or other dystopian future pieces. But it's not just that either. I know it is about what it is to be human... but the specifics are very odd and difficult to comprehend. Seems very deep.

Grade: C+

27 Dresses

This romantic comedy surprised me by not being true to the modern formula. That is not to say that the plot was not wholly predictable; it was. However, the dwelling on sex of most romantic comedies today was not there. It was more wholesome, shall we say, than the typical. This served not to make it duller, as one such as I may expect, but instead to make it more heartwarming and emotional. It felt like there was really love in it. And the characters did not come by the love easily - another thing that is different from your typical chick flick. While I did not find James Marsden super-attractive (he's so pretty, and has a small nose, ugh), I felt that he did a good job of portraying emotions, and as such, he made me wish I was Jane (and that he was Jeff). Edward Burns as the 'other guy' is more handsome in my opinion. The this-is-alluding-to-later-sex scene was quite sexy and actually gave me a rush. Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

Grade: B++

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cordelia's Honor

Jeff gave me this book for Christmas. It was most excellent. Lois McMaster Bujold is a great author, it turns out. I should have always known, since Jeff recommended her sci fi novels. The ultramodern Beta Colony descriptions are fascinating, and the links to the world we know are amazing too. The characters are lovable and it is really easy to feel their emotions with them. Good stuff.

Grade: A

Sweeney Todd

I highly enjoyed this - despite the girl next to me humming every song along with the movie somewhat annoyingly, and despite losing my cell phone in the middle of it and freaking out about that (I found it later by the way). Yes, it was gory, but it was also masterfully dark and darkly humorous. The music was great, and so were the performances. Johnny Depp has an excellent voice, it turns out, and does a great job in his portrayal of Sweeney Todd. Helena Bonham Carter is exquisite as always, and Sacha Baron Cohen is also fantastic. Plus I always love some Alan Rickman.

Grade: A

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sandman: The Kindly Ones; The Wake

The last two Sandman volumes are excellent. They bring the loose threads of the previous stories together in an imaginative way, and brings a grander story into existence and into a magnificent close. Basically, they're just as good as the other ones, and possibly more epic...

-The Kindly Ones: A+
-The Wake: A


I watched this for the second time with my mom today. It was just as good as the first time, in theaters over the summer. It is very heartfelt, sweet, and awkwardly funny. Nathan Fillion is great. So is Keri Russell. I am creeped out by the Earl character - reminds me a little too much of what one of my exes may have become... anyway, I love the pies... wish I could eat them. I really like this movie.

Grade: A

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My first movie of '08! Also, one of my favorites of all time! It was hilarious, while also having a great message throughout. The characters were very human, incredibly real, and amazingly well acted. Ellen Page is amazing in it. The character Juno has a quirky, funny way of talking, and the whole movie just sticks with you. It's very heartwarming also. I can't tell you enough that you must see this! I guess I should also mention what it's about: basically, a 16-year-old girl gets pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption. Plus the soundtrack was great!

Grade: A+

The Bourne Ultimatum

This was alright. Pretty much what I expected from the first two. Entertaining, but not much else.

Grade: C+