Friday, April 13, 2007

and so it continues...

51. Evaline - I listened to "Calm Touching" on their myspace. They put an impressively original spin on your usual rock/pop stuff. I like it a lot. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

52. Chin Up Chin Up - Cool indie pop. I heard "This Harness Can't Ride Anything." Quite catchy. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

53. The Transit War - I heard "Radar" and was immediately hooked. I really like it - catchy guitar, cool vocals, it's just high quality. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

54. Envy on the Coast - I really like this too! I recommend "Temper Temper." For some reason I'm fond of songs that repeat words (like "C'mon" by Go Betty Go). This is great! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

55. Job For a Cowboy - This is some pretty brutal death metal. In fact, too brutal for me. At least the song "Embedded" is. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

56. Bomb The Music Industry! - I heard "I Don't Love You Anymore" and it lives up to their self-proclaimed genre label of ska/happy hardcore/punk. It's quite catchy, with trumpet and piano and it's super good! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

57. Forward Russia! - Listened to "Don't Be a Doctor," it was pretty sweet atmospheric indie for the first third, then transformed into something... else. Whatever you'd call it, it was good. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

58. Page France - Wow, I listened to "Bush," and it satisfied my current indie/folk craving with something a little different. I love it! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

59. Fallen From The Sky - The music wouldn't load, will try again later.

60. New Year's Day - They don't have a myspace! Their site though is . I heard "I Was Right" and I really like it. Reminiscent of Paramore but mainly in the whole female-lead-vocalist sense. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!