Saturday, March 24, 2007

More of the same...

Continuing AP's 100 bands list...

34. Teddybears - I've heard of this band, and I believe Jeff has a song by them. I recall it being cool. And I know they did a remix on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack that rocked. In fact, I'm sure Jeff has "Punkrocker" which features Iggy Pop. It's a good song. I also listened to "Different Sound" and it was really catchy and cool. VERDICT: Thumbs up!!

35. Death Ships - As usual, I found them on Myspace and just let whatever decided to play go. I heard "Thelma Lou" and it was a cool acoustic song, very indie folk, which is what I'm really loving right now. Therefore, it is awesome. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

36. The Chalets - I heard "No Style" and it was a super catchy indie pop gem. I highly recommend a listen or two. Also, I listened to "Lovepunch" and I know that I've heard it before... the chorus ("I know you love me but you're fucking crazy") is hard to forget. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

37. Olympia - A word of warning: the correct band is the second listed if you search on Myspace. Anyway, I listened to "Bastogne." It was a pretty good song, but if I'm going to be honest it was not a very original sound. I've heard a lot of bands that sound almost exactly like this. VERDICT: One thumb up, one down.

38. Klaxons - Another band I've already heard of! I feel so ahead of the curve! They're quite interesting, and unique. They describe themselves as psychedelic prog pop, and I would go along with that. I really like the song "Gravity's Rainbow." I listened to "Two Receivers" on their Myspace (they're featured today) and I like it. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

39. The Dear Hunter - I have the song "City Escape" and I really really like it. They're different, electronic stuff. AP says they're like Say Anything, and I don't know how much I agree but as in the awesomeness factor, it's true. I also heard "Black Sandy Beaches" and it was cool too. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

40. Have Heart - I listened to "Armed with a Mind" and all I can say is, why God why are there so many hardcore bands? VERDICT: Thumbs down.

41. The Knife - My friend Zach is into The Knife and therefore I've heard them before. Also, they are said to sound like Royksopp, who I've recently gotten into. So I listened to "Marble House" and it was absolutely awesome. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!

42. The Human Abstract - What? A band like A7X AND DragonForce? Can this be possible? To find out, I listened to "Mea Culpa." They sound more like A7X to me, but nonetheless they rock. Also they're apparently on Warped Tour this year?! VERDICT: Thumbs up!

43. The Showdown - I listened to "Temptation Come My Way" and I can only say: oh no! Not another Metallica! But I have to admit this band is better. VERDICT: Thumbs somewhat down.

44. Nothington - I heard "Going Home," and it is kind of punk/grunge stuff, and I suppose it's good for that particular genre, which I am not all that fond of. VERDICT: One thumb up, one down.

45. My Latest Novel - Someone, probably Zach, told me about this band but I hadn't heard them before. So I listened to "Pretty in a Panic" and it was pretty much amazing. I do see similarities to Arcade Fire, and very slightly to Sigur Ros. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

46. Behold... the Arctopus - I listened to "PAINcave" and it was some brutal, crazy metal. And I kind of like it. VERDICT: Thumbs sort of up.

47. Boys Like Girls - I listened to/watched the video for "Hero/Heroine" and I like it. It's catchy pop/emo/rock stuff, but it's a little different than everything else... more rock inspired I think. VERDICT: Thumbs quite a bit up!!!

48. Mayday Parade - I was looking this up and thinking 'oh boy another Panic!/FOB sound alike, but this band was a pleasant surprise. "When I Get You Home..." is a pretty catchy, cool song. I also liked "Your Song." VERDICT: Thumbs up!

49. Pistolita - Ooh, I like piano rock! Imagine MCR with a piano and a little less dark. It's good stuff, check out "Beni Accident." VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

50. Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Their somewhat clever name doesn't make up for my anti-hardcore sentiments. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can see them on Warped Tour this summer. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

HEY! I'm halfway through! Come back later for more.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

AP's 100 Bands... post 2.

13. Fucked Up - The label, Jade Tree, has a poor quality video up for downloading of the song "Baiting the Public Knitting Factory." It's hardcore punk, and I don't like it. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

14. Whitey - You can find a video for "Non Stop" at the Dim Mak site. It's pretty cool, and I'm almost certain I've heard it on XM before. I like it! Good indie electronica. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

15. Ludo - Their site,, has lots of media to check out. "Hum Along" is catchy, they sound kind of like Motion City Soundtrack and Sugarcult, like AP says. I like it. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

16. Busdriver - There's a promo vid on the Epitaph site, and it's so awesome! Great indie/rap/hip-hop stuff. And I am not the biggest fan of rap. But I like it a lot! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

17. Car Bomb - I listened to "His Eyes" on Relapse, which is the same label as Agoraphobic Nosebleed, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Pig Destroyer. It's kind of crazy, and I like it! VERDICT: Thumbs up!

18. This Moment In Black History - To hear them, go to I'm not really sure how to describe it... You just need to go listen. VERDICT: One thumb up, one down.

19. Blackpool Lights - I also found this band on Myspace ( I heard "Empty Tank," and it was quite cool. I'd call it pop rock. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

20. The Forecast - I have heard this band before, and I like them. I thought I had a song or two, but I was mistaken. Anyway, it's good. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

21. The Drones - It's closest to punk, I'd say... although self-described as psychobilly. I heard "Lady in Red" on their Myspace ( Not my favorite. VERDICT: Thumbs down.

22. 8MM - AP says they sound like Massive Attack... and I dig some Massive Attack. has some tracks. I listened to "Liar," and it did not disappoint. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

23. Holy Roman Empire - Their site is I heard "The Ace" and it is pretty much awesome. Described as indie rock, this band is very promising. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

24. Cancer Bats - They weren't on the artist list for Abacus, so I feel lied to. I found them at, and heard "French Immersion." It's some pretty metal stuff. I approve. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

25. Midnight Movies - New Line Records has the song "Patient Eye" up. It's pretty cool, I'm not sure how to classify it - indie rock? Anyway, fairly good. VERDICT: Thumbs up.

26. Heavy Heavy Low Low - On you will hear some interesting thrash metal. I listened to "Tell Shannon," and I'm not all that into thrash, sorry. Verdict: Thumbs down.

27. The Confession - I decided at this point to stop going to the label sites that are listed and just use Myspace. So unless otherwise noted, you can search for all these bands on Myspace. Anyway, about this band: they do sound like A7X, and I dig that kind of metal. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

28. Professor Murder - They describe themselves as 'happy hardcore' which is highly amusing. They're interesting... I think I like it? VERDICT: One thumb up, one wavering.

29. Cold War Kids - Ooh, I have "Hang Me Up to Dry" already, I'm pretty sure I heard it on XM and it is quite amazing. They have a pretty original sound. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

30. The Kooks - "You Don't Love Me" starts out really dancy and catchy, and stays that way. I really like it! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

31. The Photo Atlas - Anything compared to ATDI deserves some attention. So I listened to "Handshake Heart Attack" and while it does resemble ATDI a little, it's a little more dancy. I like it! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

32. Circa Survive - Yes, AP, I know Circa Survive. We are on pretty great terms. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

33. Totimoshi - I heard "Viva Zapata" and it sounds pretty cool. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Join Me on a Magical Journey...

I'm checking out AP's 100 Bands You Need to Know in 2007! This will probably take up a few posts. Remember, these are just preliminary judgments, I won't have heard more than a couple songs by each band.

1. The Mint Chicks - The label's website had a link for a Youtube vid for their song "Welcome to Nowhere." The sound quality was terrible, but it seemed pretty catchy. However, I wasn't all that impressed. The sample for "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" on Purevolume sounded pretty good. They sound like catchy britpop (except they're from New Zealand). Similar to The Killers, The Pink Spiders, and slightly reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys (but probably not as good). VERDICT: One thumb up, one down.

2. Locksley - The band's site,, has some good quality music videos. Apparently their song "Why Not Me" is the theme to some stupid-ass MTV show (did I mention I loathe MTV?). Nevertheless, it's a great, catchy song. I agree with AP, it does remind me of Hot Hot Heat. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

3. Shook Ones - The label site has the song "Pheasant" up, but it wouldn't load. Also, I couldn't find them on Purevolume, though their search feature is godawful. VERDICT: Shrug of shoulders.

4. All Time Low - I've actually heard of this band! I have the song "Break Out! Break Out!" and I am quite fond of it. Catchy pop-punk, sounds like Cartel, etc. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

5. Silversun Pickups - XM has been playing the song "Lazy Eye" obsessively on quite a few stations, so I've heard it a few times. And it is amazing. Great indie stuff! VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!

6. Annuals - Had to go to PV for this one. The song "Brother" is pretty cool, reminds me a little of ...And You Will Know Us... Actually all the songs on there are cool. AP said they're similar to Arcade Fire, I wonder if that's because they too have a whole bunch of members... VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

7. Ad Astra Per Aspera - Listened to "A Fish Would Much Rather Swim" on their label's site, Sonic Unyon. Good stuff! Any band touted to be similar to the Blood Brothers deserves a big high five. Sounds a little like Cursive on The Ugly Organ, too. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!

8. The Almost - I'm not a huge fan of Underoath, but nevertheless I like them, and was excited to hear Aaron Gillespie's side project. And I am not at all disappointed. Listen to "Say This Sooner" on PV. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

9. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - I've got the song "Tough as John Jacobs," and it's a pretty cool song. They're kind of southern rock mixed with a little hardcore and a bit of general metal. As the VP of W&M's metal club, I approve. VERDICT: Thumbs up!

10. Wax On Radio - I was really excited to check out this band because AP said they sounded like Radiohead, Muse, and Arcade Fire. The Downtown Records site had "Today I Become a Realist" up. And I do hear a little of those in there. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!

11. Quietdrive - I love Quietdrive already! I have "Rise From the Ashes," it's really catchy and amazing. Though I have no clue how I got it. My best guess is that it was on an iTunes Back to School Sampler. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!

12. As Tall As Lions - They're on the same label that Brand New started out on... and also The Receiving End of Sirens. Doesn't that tell you enough? Right, I also listened to Ghost of York and I am quite impressed. VERDICT: Thumbs way up!!!