Saturday, November 3, 2007


It has been quite a long time since I posted. I'm kind of giving up on the music blog thing - it's just not something I really have time for. Perhaps I'll occasionally write on here, maybe keep it as a more public blog... as opposed to my LiveJournal.

I guess out of habit... here's my fave artists/songs/albums/whatever right now.

-Jonathan Coulton - a comedy artist whose music is actually really good! He's very clever, has a wide range of topics, I really recommend him.

-The Magnetic Fields - Really great musicians. I've mostly heard 69 Love Songs, only a few other things, but it's pretty great. Not every song is something I love, but that's just it - they're so ridiculously diverse stylistically!

-Tori Amos - Umm, hello, she's amazing.

-Feist - Do I need to tell you how great Feist is? I absolutely LOVE her music... can't get enough of it.

-John Frusciante - randomly his solo stuff is quite awesome! Yes, I like RHCP too, but I've gotten a little tired of them being played as every other song on XM, and that's the only radio I use, so Frusciante's solo material is a refreshing change. In fact it really sounds nothing like RHCP for the most part... so check it out for something fresh.

-the new Honorary Title! - I've only heard a few songs and clips from the rest, but oh-em-gee it's good so far.

I will be grabbing some Bright Eyes off the lovely Michael Vogel in the near future, so maybe I'll get around to saying how that goes.

Also, I saw Guster and Brett Dennen in concert last weekend - and let me tell you, despite not knowing much of Guster at the time, they were really good live performers!!! I was very impressed. Brett Dennen was also pretty good, also an unknown for me, although I found I have one of their songs. The singer's voice seems a little too much the same all the time to make it great. I think one of my favorite things about Guster was their use of bongos. YES, BONGOS!!!
Also, I'd like to point out that the new Lake Matoaka amphitheater is a FANTASTIC venue. The acoustics are pretty much amazing, it's a beautiful outdoors location, and it's just got a cool feel to it.

Anyway, Jeff and I are catching Regina Spektor at the NorVa pretty soon, should be a good time.

So that was, in fact, a music blog.
Maybe other stuff later?